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Robotics Programme

The robotics program is a multi-discipline program. It can be incorporated into every subject area. It offers the opportunity to integrate technology with the curriculum.

The robotics program facilitates teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, applying science principals, and mathematical solutions. The program integrates reading and writing, presentation skills, research, and creativity. In a nutshell, this program prepares students for the workforce of the 21st century.

Robotics uses the “NXT” device which has various functions with specially developed software.  The “NXT” devise is a central processing unit with sesors attached to it.  It worls on the basis of commands received from the software.  The ultimate challenge is given by the LEGO Corporation.  They prepare different challenges in which students have to develoip software instructions and command “NXT” to perform that specific task.

How it works:

The students, working in groups of 4 to 5,  are given a task. They build a mechanical robot to achieve defined functionality. These robots are often equipped with sensors to respond to their environments. These sensors include touch, light, temperature, rotation and others. The student then writes a program on their computer and downloads that program to the smaller computer located in the robot. This program determines how the robot will function and how it will react to outside stimuli. Defined tasks might start very simply and could become very complicated.

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