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The tradition of Al-Hussan education began in 1956 in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia; when Sheikh Abdel Aziz Rashid Al-Hussan started the Arab Cultural Institute for adult education.  In the following year Al-Hussan Modern Girls School, the first girls’ school in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia was opened.  Today there are twenty schools and other educational institutes throughout the Eastern Province and Riyadh rated among the best in Saudi Arabia. Today his son Rashid Abdel Aziz Al-Hussan is the president, continuing his father’s vision of education for all.
The Al-Hussan International Schools include:
1.   Al-Hussan International School – Khobar
2.   Jubail International School – Jubail
3.   Orbit International School – Khobar
4.   Al-Hussan International School -Riyadh
5.Al-Hussan International Grammar School-Khobar
6- Al-Hussan International School -Yanbu is the new addition to the Al-Hussan International

At Al Hussan International School -Yanbu, the co-operation and camaraderie among all stakeholders has been a significant factor for its success. The responses we have received are very favorable and there is an overwhelming positive view of the school premises as parents are very happy with facilities. The resources and facilities at the school provide ideal learning opportunities to students. Some of these facilities are mentioned below:


The classrooms are spacious and can accommodate 20 to 25 students comfortably. Each classroom has a built in infrastructure for technology as well as a white board, which can be easily transformed into a "smart board" with the help of Mimeo technology. Interactive teaching is made possible with these technologies.

School Libraries:

The school has a well-established and modern library which house an array of books suitable for all age groups and provide a serene atmosphere for reading. These air-conditioned librarycarry more than 1000books on a variety ofsubjects and topics.

Computer Laboratory:

The school has one fully equipped computer laboratory; this lab offers the students an access to audio-visual and internet facilities.

Medical Services:

One full-time registered nurse provide first aid treatment and to maintain students' health records.

Science Laboratory:

For students to clearly develop and understand scientific concepts, it is essential to practically experiment whenever required. The school has 1 adequately equipped science laboratories with essential apparatus, chemicals and required instruments for Biology, Physics and Chemistry experiments.

Art Room:

The school's well-equipped art room provide the environment where students are facilitated to show their creativity through different mediums of expressions.

Sports Facilities:

At the school, sport is an integral part of school activities, supported by necessary resources. AHISY is equipped with one gym, which are used for various sporting and cultural activities. There is a court for basketball and volleyball as well and also there is an outdoor standard size football ground with artificial grass. Qualified female physical training instructor supervise students' physical training and all classes have regular sports periods during the week.

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