Graduation Policy

Graduation Policy

1. Introduction

    1. Purpose
      1. The purpose of this policy is to describe the study plan a student at Al-Hussan High School should follow.  It will specify the minimum requirements to earn the Al-Hussan High School Certificate.
    1. Scope of Application
      1. All Al-Hussan International Schools
    2. Definitions




One credit is defined as 120 hours students/teacher class time

Graduation Requirements

These are the minimum requirements that must be completed successfully by a student to earn the High School Certificate

Transcript of Records

This is a document that contains all courses and grades achieved by the student during his/her High School Career

    1. Policy              
    1. 1.4.1. Graduation Requirements:
    2. requirements should be completed in grade 9-12.
    3. A student must attend 8 Semesters.
    4. A student must successfully complete the following courses and credits:


4 Credit
Second Language 3 Credit
Math 3 Credit
Sciences and Social Sciences 10 Credit
Social Studies 1 Credit
Islamic Studies 3 Credit
Information Technology 1 Credit
Electives 2 Credit
Total 27 Credit
    1. 1.4.2The Transcript of newly admitted students shall be evaluated by the administration. Credits from similarly accredited schools will be transferred. Academic accomplishments at other schools shall be converted to equivalent credits.
    2. 1.4.3In rare cases, the school may accept exceptions in case of missing credits by allowing the student to submit an assignment/project or study after school. This will require approval of the General Manager.
    3. 1.4.4A student must attend 90% of the time allotted for each credit. Failing to do so, will result in losing the credit; regardless of the grades he/she achieved, the grade will be (F) in this case.