Graduation Policy

Graduation Policy

1. Introduction


1.1.1The purpose of this policy is to describe the study plan a student at Al-Hussan High School should follow.It will specify the minimum requirements to earn the Al-Hussan High School Certificate.

1.2. Scope of Application

1.2.1. All Al-Hussan Schools

1.3. Definitions




One credit is defined as 120 hours students/teacher class time

Graduation Requirements

These are the minimum requirements that must be completed successfully by a student to earn the High School Certificate

Transcript of Records

This is a document that contains all courses and grades achieved by the student during his/her High School Career

1.4. Policy              

  1. 1.4.1. Graduation Requirements
  2. International Schools and International Track in National Schools
  3. requirements should be completed in grade 9-12.
  4. A student must attend 8 Semesters.​​​​​​​
  5. ​​​​​​​ A student must successfully complete the following courses and credits:



4 Credit
Second Language 3 Credit
Math 3 Credit
Sciences and Social Sciences 10 Credit
Social Studies 1 Credit
Islamic Studies 3 Credit
Information Technology 1 Credit
Electives 2 Credit
Total 27 Credit

 Students must complete all the requirements of MOE in Saudi Arabia.