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Our Educational Convictions


As per our school belief in respecting cultural and individual differences, our School community accepts, embraces and celebrates interculturalism while promoting values of empathy, exemplary, compassion, efficiency and leadership. We are a community that value competency in performance and continue to produce servant leaders that lead with an appreciation, compassion and respect for the rights and cultures of others. We embrace an environment that encourages awareness of and commitment to global problems to inspire our students to see through the eyes, minds and hearts of others. We at AHISK promote empathy for those who are different, while retaining pride in our own identity. We are a community that creates life-long leaders who are committed to make the world an efficient place while being exemplary in their behavior and compassionate with ALL. 















The ability to understand
and share the feelings of
Serving as a
desirable model
Concern for the
sufferings or misfortunes
of others.
Competency in
Act towards
achieving a common








CORE Values at AHISK are summarized by the following quote “AT ALHUSSAN WE EXCEL “. It represents the following core values to be promoted by the whole school community:
E: Empathy
X: Exemplary
C: Compassion
E: Efficiency
L: Leadership




“Al Hussan International Schools Group” is among the very first providers of quality educational services for over fifty years, in the Eastern, Central and Western provinces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Hussan offers National, International and continuing education programmes, compatible with most schools of higher education worldwide.

Our Vision is to remain leaders in quality educational services and expand our regional network of quality schools and institutes with an uncompromising commitment in our role to prepare our students with the skills necessary for them to continue their education in international institutions worldwide.

Our Mission is to remain committed to the National and International community by providing high-quality education for all students through nationally and internationally recognized curriculum in a disciplined, safe, nurturing and positive learning environment. We continually strive to keep offering an educational environment where students are exposed to the latest teaching methods and techniques by qualified educators in a facility that has been specifically equipped for this purpose.

“Al Hussan International Schools Group” beliefs are embedded into its staff and employees’ initiatives and responsibilities; these values are enhanced through training and development, skillful behaviour, open communication, children care, delivering promises, yearly business plans and objectives, internal auditing, regular management reviews, and a never ending quest for continual improvement and better service environment.”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
High Quality Learning occurs when students are:​​​​​​​
a- Active Learners
b- Motivated
c- Dependent on risk-taking and open communication.
d- Independent to make choices related to their learning and assessment.
e- Responsible for their continuous development and always seek better service.
f- Gaining new knowledge that occurs through scaffold learning.
g- Keen to learn and critically think and search for answers.
h- Well-rounded and have necessary skills to face challenges of life.
i- Productive and follow a consistent and good pace of progress.
j- Work with increased concentration and focus on skills rather than content.
k- Show interest, engagement and enthusiasm for learning new skills.
l- Capable of transferring and sharing their knowledge within and across disciplines.
m- Understand what they learn and how their performance is assessed.
n- Capable of applying what they learn in class, in real life scenarios.

High Quality Teaching: High quality learning is not possible without high quality teaching.

It occurs when teachers:​​​​​​​

a- Create a learning environment that is positive, stimulating and motivating for students.
b- Develop a mutual relationship with a students that is based on respect and open communication.
c- Ensure high level of students’ engagement in class activities and lessons.
d- Provide challenging tasks that triggers students’ critical thinking and enquiry based learning.
e- Incorporate differentiated instructions and activities for all students based on their learning needs.
f- Empower students to be responsible for their own learning.
g- Treat all students fairly and consider their talents as well as their struggling areas.
h- Make learning outcomes clear for all students.
i- Maintain high level of expectations in class.
j- Incorporate praise and encouragement as a motivating approach with all students.
k- Develop and maintain well-planned lessons that ensure appropriate pace, variety and challenge for all
l- Ensure an active learning is occurring in the class.
m- Use assessment effectively and rely more on formative assessment for constructive feedback rather
than as a marking technique.
n- Use a variety of resources, activities, teaching strategies to teach in an effective manner.
o- Ensure time is managed well and all students benefit equally.
p- Model positive outcomes and ensure Bloom’s Taxonomy is used effectively.
q- Identify students’ misconceptions and work on correcting them.
r- Build on students’ cultural background and experiences to teach and assess.
s- Integrate lessons effectively within and across other disciplines.
















Digital Citizenship at AlHussan International Schools:

At AlHussan, we endeavour to equip the students with the necessary norms and knowledge to responsibly and appropriately utilize the internet and communication technology (ICT).
I am a Digital Citizen, so:
1- I have email etiquette and will report any cyber-bullying.
2- I know how to conduct online research, determine reliable sources, and use word processing software.
3- I am aware of the risks associated with online purchasing.
4- I know what is appropriate to share through digital channels.
5- I am respectful to my online peers, and I conduct myself responsibly.
6- I am aware of safe ergonomic practices.
7- I am aware of eye and neck safety as major physical strains of using electronic gadgets.
8- I know that privacy rights and freedom of speech are viewed as paramount.
9- I realize that precautions are necessary within the digital community, including how to set robust passwords, virus protection, and how to determine site security.
10- I always stay up-to-date about what is legal and acceptable while being online.


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