Student Council

Student Council

Students from Grades 6 - 12 are organized to form a student council. They operate under a constitution. At least one senior management member sponsors the group, and approval for projects must be obtained from the Director.

Called the Al-Hussan International Schools Student Council, this student organization, that started in 2003, promotes leadership and fund-raising skills. Projects and activities will be conducted throughout the year, giving council members experience in these skills. At the same time these activities contribute to the benefit of the school morale and finance.

Student Council members are elected during the first quarter by their peers and consist of one student per class grouping. Students should be careful and selective in electing officers and representatives who will fulfill their duties and not vote for particular candidates just because they are popular.

Through the Student Council, students are involved in activities appropriate for their age group.

Mission Statement

The Al-Hussan International Schools Student Council is an elected body of students from Grades 6 – 12 at Al-Hussan International Schools dedicated to ensuring the advancement of student aspirations at the school.

Aims of the Al-Hussan International Schools Students Council

  • Assist in publishing the school yearbook, termly newsletter and providing students with information about latest events in school.
  • Improving student activities.
  • Satisfying student’s needs and wishes.
  • Developing relations with other schools and having a twin school for tournaments and exchange students.


Powers of the Student Council

  • Organizing meetings with students by informing Director
  • Requesting school trips.
  • Arranging inside school activities.