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Tuition Fees

ACADEMIC YEAR: 2024 - 2025


          TUITION FEE           


SR 19,500


SR 20,500


SR 22,500

Grade 1

SR 26,500

Grade 2, 3 & 4 & 5

SR 29,000

Grade 6

SR 30,000

Grade 7

SR 31,000

Grade 8,9

SR 31,500

Grade 10 , 11

SR 32,000

Application for Admission

  • Parent/Guardian must pay SR 1000 fee as advance payment before the placement test/ interview.
  •  If the student is accepted, the amount is considered part of the tuition fees.
  • If the student is not accepted, the amount will be refunded by cheque in the name of the parent / guardian within four weeks.
  • If the student has been accepted after attempting the placement test or the interview, but the parent/guardian decides not to enroll his/her child in the school, the advance payment SR 1000 will not be refunded.
  •  The school fees must be fully paid if seat is available and registration is approved

Financial details

The schools administration has developed an integrated system for paying the tuition fees prescribed for the academic year on the basis that they are annual fees to be paid in advance in one payment, the school administration may accept three installments.

This agreement is considered a contract concluded between the school administration and the guardian/parent of the student with all its terms, conditions, content, and appendices, and it is considered valid in the event that the student continues for the subsequent academic years without interruption unless the guardian/parent signs a new contract after this contract,

  • Payment may be made in cash or through a debit card at the accountant’s

Office during working hours. The parent/guardian will receive a receipt for the amount paid.

  • In case payment is made by a check or bank transfer, the receipt is delayed until the amount is deposited in the school’s account. A copy of the bank transfer should be sent to the school accountant through the school’s official communication channels.
  • A re-registration fee of SR 1000 (Non-Refundable) should be paid as an advance, and this will be adjusted from next year’s tuition fees. (According to School Policy)
  • In the case of registering in the school bus. the transportation fees (5000 SR)
  • ​​​​​​​All tuition and transportation fees are subject to the applicable tax as per Saudi Law.

Discount Policy



First Child (Eldest)

No Discount

Second Child

5 %

Third Child

10 %

Fourth Child

15 %

Fifth Child

20 %


1. Parent/ guardian who pays the tuition fees directly to the school Accountant is eligible for the sibling’s discount.

2. In case of student withdrawal before completion of academic year, the privilege of the discount will be lost.

for any inquiry kindly contact the Registrar Office at school


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