FOUNDING DAY-Girls Section

AHISY celebrated Founding Day with excitement. The school participated in the MOE celebration and it was amazing. 

The week was celebrated as a symbol of unity, glory, and dignity. The students were dressed in traditional Saudi Arabian style clothing and celebrated Founding Day at school. 

The celebration started with the Saudi national anthem. Then, the recitation of the Holy Qur'an. The students recited poems that express love and belonging to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They performed several traditional dances. 

The teachers discussed with the students the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and presented a video about its history. They gave the students information about the unification and the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The students enjoyed different activities. They expressed their feeling on this day by writing poems and paragraphs about our kingdom.  

The event was very interesting. 

May Allah keep our country safe and peaceful.