Online Virtual Classes

As countries around the globe are taking preventive measures by closing down schools to limit the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), AHISK Girls section continued to rely more heavily on its e-learning platforms to further support its mission in providing high quality education through a safe, stimulating, and multicultural environment to prepare leaders for global society.

A schedule of the online virtual classes was sent to parents and students who were able to access all contents shared with them on daily basis to guide their learning process including weekly plans and, assignments, videos, pictures, E-mails and, online quizzes and assessments.

Teachers used different applications in their teaching process like Classera VCR, Classera discussion room, Zoom, Google classroom, ELECTA, and Microsoft software. During the lessons, students were able to interact with their teachers, take notes, participate in discussions, play online games, and even revisited recording of their lesson for future reference.

Daily attendance is taken by teachers to ensure efficiency and follow up on sending daily virtual classes reports. Our teachers proved an Excellency in their empathetic and exemplary behaviour to prepare our students as life-long leaders who are able to inspire the community with full compassion and outstanding performance.  AT ALHUSSAN WE EXCEL. ​​​​​​​