Sports Day for Grade 3-6 Girls Section

Sports Day in AHISY was a much-awaited event for our students to come together in celebrating physical activity.  

Physical activity and sports are not only important for a child's development but are building up a notion of teamwork and fair play and furthermore a desire to reach and overcome one's own limits.

On Thursday, 12th of December 2019, all students from Grade 3-6 in the Girls section took part in this momentous event. 

The students were challenged to work in teams to complete a wide variety of sports activities aiming to win points for the team they were representing. 

Events ranged from running events such as the relay race, sprint, sack race, and long jump event. There were also fun challenges like the over and under races, tug-of-war, hula hoop pass, balloon ping pong, cheerdance competition, etc. All students demonstrated great skill and effort across all events but what was most important was the sportsmanship and excellent attitude on display from our students. 

The teamwork, encouragement, cheering, and help which was clear across all teams is what made the sports day another excellent day at AHISY!