Fun Day

At AHISK, we believe that high quality learning is not possible without creating a proper environment that is positive, stimulating, and motivating for students. That’s why, AHISK-Girls section conducted an amazing “Circus Fun Day” for ALL students on 13th and 14th of November 2019.

Students were excited to play angry birds, road rally, twister, toss, potato sack race bags, ball bucket, wheel spinner, snake & ladder, golf, bowling, baby foot, slide, maze, dice, and deal or no deal games. They were also challenging each other in the memory and brain games, not to forget the thrill they felt while jumping on the trampoline to end it up with an artistic face painting and arts and crafts activities. Students also enjoyed taking with their moms a memorable picture in the photo booth corner.

Mothers of primary grades were invited to encourage their children and felt extremely happy when they were welcomed by the clowns and ushers to participate in the games. The faces of our students were lit up with smiles and amazement as they saw what gifts were prepared for them not to forget the extra candies, lollipops, and gifts received while playing throughout the day. Pop corn, cotton candies, hotdog sandwiches and chocolate fountains amazingly added more and more fun to the event!!!

It was a great treat after the mid- semester assessments, for our lovely students. You absolutely deserve it!!!