Helping Day (visiting ALansary Hospital)

In order for the students to gain a better understanding of the community, the 4th graders of AHIS-Yanbu Boys Section, who were accompanied by their teachers, had their educational trip at Al- Ansari Specialist Hospital on February 27, 2018.

While showing their best behavior, the students were warmly welcomed by the staff, nurses, and doctors of the said hospital. During the course of the activity, several doctors and specialists had a program in which they presented several topics to the students at the conference room. Shown below is the list of the presenters and their topics:

Getting a Healthy Diet   …. Ms. Grace Miguel

Being a Healthy Kid       …. Dr. Hossam- Pedia

First Aid with Kids          …. Dr. Ahmed Hashim

Bubbly Little Hands       …. Dr. Mona Abbas

The aforementioned specialists talked about healthy foods, how to stay fit, how to apply basic first-aid to common injuries, and how to stop spreading germs. After each of the presentations, the students gave each speaker a simple token of appreciation.

Lastly, since Al- Ansari Specialist Hospital staff was pleased about the visit, souvenirs were handed over to the students.