Trip to Yanbu Flower Festival

Al Hussan International School -Yanbu conducted a trip to the Yanbu Flower Festival on 27,28 and 29 of March 2017 as planned: Monday (KGS students), Tuesday (Grade 1 to 3 boys students) and Wednesday (Grade 1 to 3 girls students).

The trip started with taking pictures of the students in front of the largest flower carpet in the world. Then, the students took a tour between different corners to learn from what is being offered. They enjoied visiting the Butterflies garden and learned about the life cycle of the butterfly. They visited plants corners and identify different plants and flower types. Students improved their awareness about the Road Safety Culture . In addition, they gained knowledge from visiting the Recycling corner. They understood the recycling concepts by seeing different creative ideas. Such as the Swan that was created by using old tires, a ship created by recycling plastic bottles and motorcycle made of tires.

At the end of the trip, students enjoyed eating their breakfast in a nice weather and back to school after spending a fun time.