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Tuition Fees

ACADEMIC YEAR: _2017-2018  _



 KG 1

SR 16,000

KG 2 , KG 3

SR 20,000

Grade 1 , 2 , 3

SR 24,000

Grade 4, 5, 6

SR 26,000

Grade 7, 8, 9

SR 28,000

Grade 10

SR 30,000

 Grade 11

SR 32,000

A.   Fees and Deposit

1.    Advance payment for new registration is SR 3000:

-  If student is accepted, advance payment will be included in the fees.

-  If student is rejected, full advance payment will be refunded.

-  If student is accepted, and the parent decides to withdraw the child, SR. 500 will be deducted from the advance payment.

2.    Advance payment for re-registration is SR 1000:

-      Advance payment is non-refundable and will be included in the fees.

3.    Tuition fees include books and uniform (one set) for all grades.

4.    Tuition fees do not include; Transportation, Stationary for all grades.

5.    Bus fees SR. 4,000 per annum payable annually in advance.

6.    If the fees are paid by the parent’s company, no discount will be applied to either the parent or the company.

7.    Fees are strictly non refundable.

8.    Computer, Library, & Science Lab. Equipment deposit of SR. 500.
(This amount will be refundable when your child leaves the school, subject to any deductions due to loss of Library books, or equipment damage).

B.   Installment Payment Plan

1.    Installments may be accepted only if original transcripts and documentation are submitted and accepted.

2.    Tuition fees may be paid on 2 installments:

i.      1st Semester   : 50%

ii.    2nd Semester  : 50%

3.    Installments are payable, as per installment payment plan (refer to point 2 under B. Instalment Payment Plan) signed by parent(s). Payment by installment does not exonerate parents from payment of school fees in full. The privilege of installment is given on the understanding that full fees are due upon registration. 

C.    Discount Policy



First Child (Eldest)

No Discount

Second Child

5 %

Third Child

10 %

Fourth Child

15 %

Fifth Child

20 %


1.    In case of student withdrawal before completion of academic year, the privilege of the discount will be lost.

2.    Discount will apply in 2nd semester after paying full tuition fees.

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