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Orbit International School Khobar

About School


Orbit International School is located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Talal Al Qahtani (Director) established Orbit International School in 1999 to provide the best possible educational opportunities for international students.


There were 360 students enrolled in the year 1999. When the number of students increased, Mr. Talal Al Qahtani decided to build a new building in 2005 – 2006. Mr. Rashid Al Hussan bought the school in 2006 and since then the number of students has increased to 1800 students. The school principal is Mr. Fahad Al-Hussan.


As you walk through the doors of Orbit International School, you will experience enhanced educational programming and numerous activity options. You will have the advantage of learning and working in a state of the art facility that designed to accommodate the learning communities of core classes, exploratory classes and activity areas.

Located in Rakkah, Oneizi area, Orbit International School is easily accessible. To allow for the growing school community, the owners purpose built two separate gated compounds to house the Boys and Girls Sections in accordance to the requirement of the Ministry. The Boys Section has two buildings- one housing Grades 4 & 5 and the other is occupied by the Grades 6 to 12. The Girls Section’s building accommodates from Pre-school to Grade 12.


Each building is well equipped with science and computer laboratories. A gymnasium has been provided for the physical education classes. Outdoor play area has been designed to facilitate outdoor sports. There is also a seating area that can be used during the break times, for students to enjoy their snacks.



Although a large school, Orbit embraces the learning communities by adapting to work as groups and teams. This setting allows individual relationships with teachers and creates a strong sense of belonging for students. The classroom settings are spacious and conducive to learning. Pre-K to Grade 4 are all provided with projectors and systems that bring technology to the class. Multimedia rooms are provided for other grade levels. It’s our dream now to foster our students with a library that is home to books and resources that will encourage and promote learning and research. Our present improvement plan also reflects this intention.


School Stages



KG I Stage

KG II Stage (CIPP)

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Primary-School Cambridge Primary
Checkpiont Program
Age 6-10
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Middle-School Cambridge Lower
Secondary Program
Age 11-14
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High-School CIE IGCSE
Age 14-17
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School Programmes

Al-Hussan International Schools apply an international standard and style of education that offers a rigorous curriculum aimed towards academic success at IGCSE, AS, A-Level. All courses are appropriate to students’ developmental stages, and a well-rounded education is offered.

Pre-K and KG1 courses are based on the Foundation Stage from QCA of the Ministry of Education of England and Wales.


KG2 to Grade 5 courses are from CPP (Cambridge Primary Programme) issued by CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) for English, Math, Science and ICT.  All other programmes have been developed in house and are vertically and horizontally aligned.  Curriculum resources include American publications in the primary grades for English, Math and Science.  The objectives and content of such course materials are in alignment with the subject curricula for the respective grades.


Grade 6 to Grade 8 courses are from CSP (Cambridge Secondary 1 Programme) issued by CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) for English, Math, Science.  All other programmes have been developed in house and are vertically and horizontally aligned.  These grades are the Pre-IGCSE classes and all subjects are compulsory.  A wide range of UK based publications are used in the middle school.


Grade 9 and Grade 10 courses are from Cambridge Secondary 2 (IGCSE) syllabus in all major subjects.  Minor subject programmes have been developed in house and are vertically and horizontally aligned.  In Grade 9 all subjects are compulsory but in Grade 10 students have a choice of subjects.


Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses are from Cambridge International Examination Board, AS and A2 in all major subjects.  Minor subject programmes have been developed in house and are vertically and horizontally aligned.  American College Board Examinations such as SAT1, SAT2 and TOEFL are also taken during these years (the school does not provide tuition). 

The sequence in curriculum ensures that the expected outcomes of learning of each grade build on those of the previous grade level.

Pre-K Preschool Foundation
KG I Stage
Grade 1 Primary School Cambridge Primary Checkpoint
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6 Middle School Cambridge lower secondary Programme (Checkpoint)
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9 High School CIE IGCSE
Grade 10
Grade 11 CIE-AS Level
Grade 12 CIE-A2 Level


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