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Admission Policy

  1. All applicants shall subscribe to and abide by the Al-Hussan International Schools’ Mission, Vision and Beliefs, Policies and Procedures
  2. All Applicants shall fulfil the requirements of the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia.
  3. New Applications for admission shall be processed after the deadline date for the re-registration of current students expires, as determined in the School Calendar.
  4. Applicants shall be admitted on the basis of available space.  In the event that space is not immediately available, the applicants name and details shall be recorded on a Waiting List on a “first come, first served” basis.
  5. Applicants who have siblings registered at the school shall be given preference on the Waiting List, provided they meet the admission requirements.
  6. All applicants shall undergo a Placement Test(s).  Only students who pass the test will be admitted.
  7. Applicants requesting Admission for Grades 10 to 12 and who have passed their IGCSE or AS examinations are exempted from writing the Placement Test.
  8. Students transferring between Al-Hussan International Schools shall be exempted from writing the Placement Tests.  The Deputy Director of the releasing school shall provide such students with a Letter of Recommendation.  On receipt of the Letter of Recommendation, the Deputy Director of the receiving school, may, based on the contents of the letter, require the student to sit placement tests in any subjects, in which, in his opinion, the student is not performing as expected.
  9. Applicants shall be placed in the appropriate age-grade class.
  10. The School Administration shall determine the Grade, Class, Section and related teachers.
  11. Applicants for Pre-School must be toilet-trained and Parents shall sign an acknowledgement to that effect.
  12. Parents shall be responsible for the payment of any fees and deposits prior to the admission of their child/ren.
  13. Applicants for Grades 9 to 12 shall be accepted subject to their subject choices being offered by the school.
  14. Students shall not be admitted to the school until all the required documentation is completed as required, and the necessary fees paid.
  15. Students, or students whose parents hold a visitor’s visa shall not be accepted as per MoE Regulation.