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Co-Curricular Activites

At Al-Hussan International Schools, a great deal of importance is given to co-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to develop their talents, interests, hobbies, skills and techniques through participation in physical, academic, scientific and artistic pursuits.

International Day

International Day is an open day for parents to share with their children the diversity and cultures of other countries. Classes choose the country they wish to represent. With guidance from teachers, students research the history, tourist attractions, demographics, food, clothes, dances, songs and cultures of the chosen country.

Sport Day

Our Sports Day is a sporting event watched by parents where all students participate and enjoy the spirit of sportsmanship. Participating students are assigned to one of four teams who compete against each other in various activities of strength, stamina, speed and agility.

Fun Day

Our Fun Day is a day for younger children along with their parents to participate in a variety of fun and games. All students participate in games of fun, skill, chance or self creativity. They are encouraged to wear fancy dress to add to the occasion.

Bake Sale

Students bring cakes or pastries they or their mother have made or bought. Stalls are set up in the gym usually by students of Grade 12 or Student Council.

Honor Roll

Al-Hussan International School encourages all its students to reach their potential not only academically. We therefore honour those students who have achieved overall averages on their report cards worthy of recognition and in addition many students who are not high academic achievers have their good behavior recognised.

General Knowledge Contest

Al-Hussan International Schools holds an annual General Knowledge Contest to which parents are invited to come and support their children. Teams of 5 students from the same grade battle it out to find the winning team.

Field Trips

Not all learning is done inside the school campus. There are many opportunities for our students to gain knowledge from outside sources. Field Trips are one way for our students to enjoy a learning experience away for the classroom.

The Annual Show

A festival of singing, dancing, acting and reciting performed by the students for their parents. This event is to showcase the talents of our students and to see the skills they have acquired about the performing arts.